Carbon Offsetting

FACE. was created in September 2019 by Bethany Moore. Wanting to start living in a more eco-friendly way, I started looking at different products that I could use within my beauty regime. I quickly noticed that natural, plastic free products were hard to come by, and when they were found they were costly. It made me realise that this is probably a huge factor in why most other people also purchase single use plastic products. Why would you spend £20 on a cleanser that you could by for £6 in a plastic container? 
This is where the idea of FACE. began. I wanted to create naturally sourced skincare that benefits my skin as well as giving me the piece of mind that my bottle wasn't going to end up in landfill or oceans. I wanted to make this affordable for everyone, so that buying these things just becomes routine. 
Our glass and aluminium packaging is all completely recyclable, but our return and refill scheme means that you can get the most out of our packaging before needing to send to be recycled.

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