Selfcare Sunday

What we mean as ‘selfcare’ can be so subjective, but no matter what you count as selfcare, we are all united in knowing that it can allow us to take care of our mental and physical health. It’s the way that we can hit our reset button and start a new week feeling rested and rejuvenated.

I’ve put together a few or my favourite ways to enjoy my ‘Selfcare Sunday’ – just incase you needed any ideas!

1) A Living Room Friendly Workout

I find that exercise really lifts my mood, and from the space of my living room, I don’t even need to leave the house! Fulcrum Sports Rehab (@fulcrum_sports_rehab on Instagram) have some great workout videos for all levels, and are all home friendly. I’ve really been enjoying these as there’s great variety which means every workout is different.

2) Take a Long Bath

Helps to relax both my mind and body, ready for a new week to begin.

3) Apply a Face Mask

A relaxed Sunday is the perfect time to detox and refresh your skin, our Green Tea Moisture Mask is perfect for that! The green tea extracts and clay draws out impurities and excess oils leaving you with a healthy glow ready to tackle Monday morning!

4) Plan Your Week

I like to use a bit of time on a Sunday to plan my week. This way, come Monday morning, you know exactly what your week holds!

5) Watch Some Feel Good TV

Whether it’s that series everyone’s been talking about or that Disney film that you’ve seen hundreds of times, anything that makes you feel good – watch it!

I hope these have given you some inspiration for your own Selfcare Sunday, let me know your tips in the comments below!

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