No Equipment, Living Room Friendly Workout!

In our previous post, we mentioned how much we love the Fulcrum Sports Rehab home workouts. They have very kindly provided us with an exclusive living room friendly, no equipment, full body workout!

Forward Lunge

Get those quads working with these forward lunges.

Too easy? Add weight, try reverse lunges or jumping lunges

Body Weight Squat

Feet shoulder width apart, lower so you are at a 90-degree angle.

Too easy? Add weight or add a jump.

Glute Bridge

Work them glutes with these bridges. Make sure you do not arch your back as you lift. Hold at end position for 3 seconds.


Get you core and abs working with this plank. No yoga mat? No worries grab a blanket, towel or pillow for your elbows.

TIPS: Make sure you keep shoulders up, no dropping of your chest. Do not lift your bum in the air.

Leg Raises

Get rid of that lower belly with the lower abs exercise. Make sure your legs don’t touch the ground as you lower them. Keep your bum on the floor as you lift your legs up.

Walkouts with Shoulder Taps

Work your whole body with this exercise. Start standing, bend over walk yourself out into a plank position, tap one shoulder than the other, then walk back into a standing position.

Either do these exercises as a circuit, i.e. 30 seconds per exercises, 20 seconds rest x 4, or as single exercises.

Follow @fulcrum_sports_rehab on Instagram and Twitter for more workouts! Zoe and Sam specialize in sports rehabilitation, injury prevention, mobility screening and sports massage services.

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