If you look around your home where do you notice the most single use plastic? Beauty and bath products are almost always in a plastic packaging and can rarely be reused.

It’s no secret that the current climate is at a critical point. This is why it is important for everyone to make small changes within their lifestyle in order to create a bigger, worldwide difference. However, it is also no secret that switching to a more eco-friendly lifestyle comes at a cost. Having looked around to try and make these changes myself, I am aware that it is easier to go for the non-eco-friendly alternative for a fraction of the price.

What if there was an affordable, plastic free alternative to your favourite skincare brands? A brand that allowed you to act in an eco-friendly way whilst still giving you the results you want from your skincare?

Meet ‘FACE’, the affordable, natural, refillable and plastic free brand of skincare. Our mission is to get consumers making small changes in their lives to make a big difference to our current climate. We understand the difficulty in changing your whole lifestyle, so by making these small changes, you can still make a huge difference.

Our products are made from naturally sourced ingredients that are vegan friendly. These are stored in glass pots with aluminium caps to keep your products fresh as well as being 100% recyclable. However, these pots can also be refilled, with customers receiving 30% off when they do.

How does it work?

  1. Contact us via our email or social media pages to say that you would like a refill.

  2. We will arrange for the pot to be returned to us. Once this is confirmed, we will also send you a one-time discount code giving you 30% off your refill.

  3. When we have refilled to pot we will return to you so you can continue using!

FACE is the perfect solution for the eco-conscious consumer. Making sure that you can shop conciously without compromising quality or price.